Some advice on how to make and design travel brochure

Travel brochure

I hope that you are not visiting to download templates of popular travel brochure. It is not my job because I am not a graphics designer who can make travel brochures. However, I can tell you about the best websites from where you can download good quality brochures used for travelling if you are a graphics designer who has got a job to design travel brochures for your clients, you can take my tips on how to create good quality brochures for travelling.Some of them are free while the others will require money to download.Speaking from experience, I have seen that the best travel brochures are the ones which are not available for free.

Defining Travel brochure

Travel brochureA customer or a tourist is not always satisfied with what they read on the internet. They need to carry a hard copy of any brochure/leaflet/flyer when they are going to their destination.

It is nothing except for a leaflet which is used by any travel agency to advertise information on holidays, hotels etc. It is often said that if a visitor gets attracted at the quality of your brochure, it is not far away for that visitor to become your customer! It is also a display of professionalism by a travel agency.

The opposite is also valid, i.e. a bad quality brochure can decrease your customer base. It is also a way to promote the tourism of a country whose tourist spots are not very well known.

Some websites from where you can download travel Brochure

If you are looking on tips how to design a travel brochure, you can skip this part. My suggestion is to not do it because you can get very good ideas from the websites I will talk about in here how to design good ones. It will help you a lot if you are designing travel brochures for the first time in your career. Have a look at my preferred websites. for Travel brochure

You can find wonderful looking travel brochure in this website for your own inspiration. You can download any template without spending a cent. Similar to a travel planning website, it also can be used to plan any travel in any part of the world. You can also plan your budget at the same time. Did I forget to mention, you can also book your travelling from here! for Travel brochure

This is another very good website for designers who want to make travel brochure. With an arsenal of more than 50000 templates for business cards, flyers, logos, you will have an endless number of templates to choose from. It also contains tutorial and courses related to graphic designing. for Travel brochure

Nothing new to say about this site, except for that it has a collection of more than a 1000 templates for you to choose from. For better services and higher quality brochures, you will need to sign up for  an annual or monthly subscription

Some tips on how to design Brochure needed for traveling

I hope that I have got your full attention this time! You are here to read some of my tips on how to design a good quality brochure, aren’t you? Let’s not keep you waiting for long. Here we go!

  • You have to some research on the customer base, learn about your competitors and also keep an eye on your budget. In many websites, you will find the reviews of brochures used for traveling by customers. Use the reviews to your advantage by sorting out the good and bad features. Take a pen and a piece of paper and note them down.

I am just kidding; you can also use MS Word or notepad if you are not too comfortable with writing by pen.

  • As it is said, content is most essential in any information-related brochure. Too much information because it will not attract customers. Very few people have time to read nowadays so go straight to the point. Try your best to avoid writing any type of jargon, which is not liked by customers.
  • Do you know that people around you can be the best source of your information? That’s right, opinion of people matters. The 4-member family beside your house can provide you with their preferences about any holiday destination. It is better if they have visited the place before.
  • Not everyone is interested to visit all tourist spots. People of different age group have different preferences. For example, people who are older prefer vacations spots which have a good mount of toilets and restaurants. Teenagers and people who are in their early 20s are very fond of the internet. They need a vacation spot with good internet access.
  • Do not make the mistake of putting the logo of the company whose brochure you are making on the top.
  • Sometimes it is a good practice for you put some information related to the country where the tourist spot is. For example, you can mention popular modes of transportation, types of accommodation, list of food and recreation etc. Do not put everything. Include only that information which is appealing to the customer.
  • If you can, ask a good photographer to provide you with high quality pictures of the tourist spot. It is a common tendency for people to “experience” the place in their mind before visiting it physically.
  • Use a clean and nice looking font. Try to stick with one type of font for the entire brochure.
  • This is my personal favorite, adding the reviews of the people who have visited the place beforehand. Use one quotation mark at the beginning of the review and one at the end. This strategy will sell your brochures like hot cake, believe me!




To sum up, make sure that your travel brochure is as glittery and informative as possible. I can assure you that any travel brochures which you will make or print in the future will certainly attract a lot of customers and holiday maker. you may interested about best travel sites for flights

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