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Independent travel agent

Have you been unemployed for a long time? Are you looking for a new job because you are not satisfied with your current salary? If the answer to any of the questions is yes then I can provide you with a solution. You might be thinking that I am going to offer you a high salary job. Sorry to disappoint you but I am not here for that. However I can show you the way to earn a huge amount of money. It is your responsibly to walk the path by yourself! Today I will discuss about an Independent Travel agent. If you do not know what they do, let me give you a brief introduction. They work in a travel agency and provide services related to travel and tourism. Do you know that you can also set up your own travel agency? If this is the first time you are hearing about this, I have got your attention haven’t I?

How much do they earn?

Now I have got your attention, haven’t I? As the saying goes, money is sweeter than honey. Anyway, you will find a lot of conflicting information on the internet regarding how they earn. Some websites will say that they earn somewhere between $30000-40000 per year, but others will say that they earn millions of dollars at the same time. Hold on a second, did I just say millions? Yes, I did!

Actually, I was just joking with you. There is only one Independent travel agent which has done so and he is living in the U.S.  The actual figure which a travel agent earns is around $34000 per year in the U.S alone.An average travel agent works close to 30 hours in a week. The lowest earning independent travel agent earn below $20000 per year. Still, it is a lot of money for most people, especially those who live in parts of Asia and Africa. Statistically, corporate-based travel agencies earn 60-70% more money than your average leisure travel agency. If you are an unemployed graduate or your salary is say $5000 per year, you can think about starting your own travel agency!

How a Travel agency earns money

Independent travel agentFirst, you should know how money is earned by the Independent travel agent before we go on to how to set up a home-based travel agency. I have a good friend who once asked me the question, regarding the procedure by which a travel agency earned money. I explained to him that the money comes from commissions. The Airlines which the travel agencies represent would give a percentage to them for selling travel products such as ticket. I was partially correct because this was the case 30 years ago.

They also earn money by promoting their products such as tickets, travel guide books, public transport timetables and many others. Things started to change a lot after the 1990s when the commission-based earning stopped for the travel agencies for many major airlines across the world. Things changed a lot after the spread of the internet during the 1990s as well. The travel agencies had to come up with new methods to stay alive and continue with their business. Those who could not cope up with the new change of the situation went bankrupt very quickly.

A sudden rise in home-based travel agents started around 20 years ago. The first thing which changed was less dependence on commission-based business. If you want to know how corporate travel agencies earn money, they do the bookingof car and hotel for business travelers travelling in Business-class of airlines. Leisure travel agencies main source of income is from vacation packages and cruises by large Ocean liners.

The larger Travel agencies make money by achieving sales goals. No wonder you will see the recent rise of online Advertisements on the internet from different travel agencies. I also get emails from some local travel agencies but I have no idea how they got my email number!

Remember that friend who asked me how do travel agencies earn money? Guess what he is doing now? He makes more money than me from his home-based travel agency. I am sure that he did a lot of research on the internet regarding the business of a Travel agency. Sometimes I feel like I should have followed my own advice and started my own Travel agency!

How to become an independent travel agent

I am sure that you will be reading this part with attention. That was the reason for visiting the blog, wasn’t it?

  • The first thing you should remember is that a new business takes some years before the profit starts coming in. It is natural for a new business to build clients and promote their brand. I know many independent travel agent who were paid the money by their clients after they completed the whole journey.
  • You have to be very calm and patient when you make your first bookings.
  • The key to your success in this business is to select the right niche. It could be any niche such as hotel bookings for International travelers.
  • Research the niche very carefully and make sure that it is suitable for you. It is recommended that you have some prior experience, but you can also do without any!
  • If you do not have any idea from where to start, there are many agencies near your home which can provide training and information regarding customer booking and management software. Beware of fraud agencies!
  • Try to deliver the service to your customers which you want yourself. Communicate with them about their preferences and keep them updated about any special deals related to travelling.
  • Remember that good quality service to your customers is the key to grow your business.


I hope that my blog will inspire you to develop your career as a home-based travel. Thank you for being with us all this time. Good luck for your future! You May Interested about best travel sites for flights

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