Best websites to make travel reservation USA at low cost

Travel reservation USA

The holiday season is coming up soon. You want to spend your holidays with your family in Las Vegas this summer. There is one little problem, i.e. you do not have enough money to pay for all members in your family. After browsing in the Internet,you come across a little known Travel reservation company called “James reservation” which offers you a 50 % discount if you book your hotel by 11:30 pm on that very day. You grab that opportunity and pay the money by an American Express credit card. I am going to write about Travel reservation USA.

A few days later, when you open your Credit Card account you notice something strange. Two transactions which are worth $ 125 each. You cannot recall where these two transactions came from. After some investigation, you were shocked to find that the money was deducted by “James Reservation”. How is that even possible? If you are living in the U.S, this is not the first time this has happened. You are one of the many victims of the so-called “Credit card fraud”.

This has been going on for many years. An influx of credit card based transactions has also given rise to credit card fraud. Sometimes the situation has been much worse. Victims have also reported situations wheretravel reservations in US were made without their knowledge. It is my job to inform you about the genuine websites for booking your reservation. All the sites mentioned here are reputable and genuine. They will benefit you as a citizen living in the U.S since I am only talking about U.S in this blog.

Best Travel reservation sites in USA

Travel reservation USAI had to go through a lot of websites and filter out those which are fake and spam. The reason why I am writing this blog is because I have many friends and family members living in the U.S who were cheated of their hard-earned money by these so-called travel reservation sites in USA. You can use this guide as your own travel agent to find genuine sites with increasing precision and grab good deals. I will list the top 5 travel reservation sites in the internet in my opinion. Here we go!

Google Flights

You are looking for a last-minute flight but the ticket prices are too high for you? Are you looking for a cheaper ticket price but do not want to fall into the trap of fake travel reservation websites? Mr.Google is there to give you a solution! This is why I will put it number 1 in our list!

This is the most popular used site for travel reservation USA. It is very simple to use. If you want around-trip, one-way, or multi-trip tickets. It also gives you the option to select your class, i.e., first, business or economy. You could choose whether your plane will have Wi-Fi option or not! There are also very good discount options while booking using Google Flights.

Air Gorilla

Do you want to go to Cologne, Germany for 15 days but could not find a suitable website to book your flight, reserve a spot for parking in the Airport or even rent a new mobile phone once you land in Koln Bonn Airport? You can take the help of AirGorilla.

Regarded as one of the oldest travel reservation USA sites. It is very popular with travelers who want to go outside the U.S.  You can even book tickets for tourist attractions in cologne like the Cologne Dom, Cologne Zoo and also Museum Ludwig from the website! Wonderful, isn’t it?

It is connected to more than a 100 airlines and 70000+ hotels all around the world. Go and grab that opportunity today!

Trip advisor

Are you looking for a hotel near the Airport to settle in after a long 22 hour journey from New York to Delhi? You are not too sure about choosing the right hotels? Trip Advisor is there to select the cheapest and best service hotels. It will compare the price of different hotels for you to filter out the ones most suitable for you.

Keep in mind that Tripadvisor can only point you to the right direction. There is no function in it where you can book the hotels. You can access the links to your preferred hotels from here. Beware of fake reviews in Tripadvisor though. It is one of the best Travel reservation USA site.

Maybe you have taken the plane too often and want a change for a while. You want to try the Ocean route. You might be wary of riding on a plane because of the recent plane crashes of Malaysia Airlines or the threat of Terrorism during travelling on air. This is where can come to your aid!

You can take any journey by a luxurious Ocean liner, be it the Caribbean, Middle East or even a cruise to nowhere! You can make a booking even this September and take the ship 2 days from now! There are more than 20 different Cruise liners to choose from. My personal favorite is the American Cruise line and Celebrity cruises.

The process is very simple, make an account, select a cruise route of your choice, and select your month and day of travel. For the final step, contact the email Address of the agent to make the final booking. Pack your bags and Bon Voyage!  It is one of the best Travel reservation USA site.


I have decided to put this at the very end of our list because it has been subject to some controversies in recent months. They will be discussed in detail in the conclusion part.

The website is suitable for any last-minute deals. You can book Flight and Hotel combos as well as plan your holiday activities from this website. The offers in this site are quite cheap.  It is one of the best Travel reservation USA site.


If you type “Travel reservation USA” in Google, you will come across an online booking website by the name. Do not make any booking from it. It is a scam to steal your money! Their claim of being a partner of Expedia is also false.

Stay safe and happy travelling. I hope that you will have a wonderful holiday season! You May interested in Travel planning sites


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