How To Make The Most Out Of Your Visit Virginia Beach

visit virginia beach

Are you bored with your 9-5 job and want a break? Do you want to relax near a beach, see the sunset and also take pictures with the whales? If that is the case then it is time for you apply for a leave from your office and plan for a trip to Virginia Beach. Make an entry on your journal today to visit Virginia Beach within the next few weeks.

It does not matter whether you live in the U.S or not. The beach attracts tourists from all over the world. It has increased in the last few years because of many opportunities for the visitors.

How to go there

visit Virginia beachIf you are living in the U.S, just take a plane and land in Norfolk International Airport, which is only 15 kilometers from the beach. For travelers from outside the U.S, there are many cheap flights offered by Qatar Airways, Turkish airlines and also other Airlines. They will take you to the nearest airport to Virginia from where you will need to take another flight to Norfolk International Airport.

You can also take a flight to Williamsburg International Airport and rent a taxi to go to the beach. It will take around 60 minutes from the airport to reach the beach.

You can also take your own car and drive to the beach. Take the help of to plan your route to the beach. It will take you longer to go by driving rather than plane. The fuel cost will also be more.

Things to do in visit Virginia beach

There is an endless number of things which you can do there. It depends on your own interests and also that of your friends and family.

It has everything required of a classic seaside resort: gorgeous beaches, boardwalk, a lot of restaurants and nightspots, not to forget many options for your children. If you are into sports, look for the golf courses near Virginia Beach and you can also go for hiking and kayaking. To enjoy the most of your trip, try to visit when the town of Virginia has few people and mild weather.

Nightmare Mansion Haunted House

It is known as one of the most haunted places in U.S. Legends says that the real owners of the house never left and that their ghosts still haunt the house. Even though some people have said that they were attacked by ghosts but no such incidents have been reported in the past few years. Your children and other family members will enjoy this place a lot.

Escape Room Virginia Beach

This is just a maze-type game where you and many other strangers will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles for finding a very special item in the room and escape. It is all about teamwork with strangers and also friends.

Military Aviation Museum

If you are an avid fan of Aviation, put this on your must-see list. You will see WW2 era planes and also many other aircraft made in the last 50 years. Did I forget to tell you, you can even take a ride in one of the biplanes in the museum for a small fee?

Sunset Dolphin Kayak Tours

Do not miss this place if you love Dolphins. This might be the only opportunity for you to see them as close as possible. You can also take a boat to go to Cape Henry Lighthouses from here. No need to worry about the equipment because everything will be provided to you.

Also, do not forget to see the sunset.

visit Virginia beach  Indoor Skydiving

I hope that you are not afraid of heights that will miss the most exciting thing to do there if you do.  The Seventy Five minute experience will be something to remember for a long time. An instructor will guide you on all the safety precautions and also about the whole procedure. It is completely safe.

Lighthouse in Cape Henry

Take out your selfie cameras and climb to the very top of the Lighthouse in Cape Henry! Who would not want to miss taking a picture with the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean behind them?

Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Do not forget to visit this place to see thousands of different species of fish, including sharks, stingrays etc.

Fishing in the beach

I hope that you did not forget to bring your fishing tools with you! Take them out and go for fishing in the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  You will find many types of fishes near the beach.

Shopping near the beach

Try to visit Lynnhaven Mall to do shopping, for dining and also for entertainment.  Try to collect one of the special coupon books to get discounts for certain items in the mall.

For more options, try to visit the Pembroke Mall in uptown Virginia.

Popular restaurants and hotels near the  beach

Some of my preferred restaurants are:

  • Bangkok Garden Restaurant for authentic Thai Food
  • Bravo! Cucina Italiana for the best pizza and pasta
  • El Azteca for the spiciest and authentic Mexican dishes
  • Gus and George’s Spaghetti and Steak House for the best steak and hamburgers
  • Azar’s Natural Foods to have a taste of Mediterranean food. Some of the recipe used has been handed down for generations.

The list of my favorite hotels to visit Virginia Beach

DoubleTree Hilton hotel will offer nice and big rooms, an indoor pool inside the hotel and also a shuttle to take you to the beach.

Ramada visit Virginia beach in Oceanfront will offer you the best dining, shopping, plenty of entertainment and it is very easy to go near the Atlantic Ocean from here.

Ambassadors Inn & Suites should be your choice if you want to stay at a location which is near to most attractions in the beach. It is just 5 blocks away from the beach itself.


There is so much to do on the beach.  I would suggest that you start making plans on visiting the beach right away! You will have a memorable visit to the visit Virginia beach. You May Interested In visiting Niagara Falls

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